Students Add to the Plethora of Clubs at CHS

Thursday, October 1st, 2015
Each year, students take initiative to create new clubs in Chatham High School. With over 80 clubs, students can pick from a wide array of groups, each focused on a different hobby/cause/activity. Whether it be volunteering with kids from ECLC (Teens Connecting with Teens), cruising down the snowy slopes of Mountain Creek (Ski Club), or Yoyo-ing with fellow enthusiasts (Yoyo Club), CHS hosts an ever growing amount of activities for all students to participate in.

Sure, joining a new club seems intimidating, but Chatham makes the process seamless with its annual Activities Fair. Recently, students roamed the propaganda-filled gym, wandering between different clubs’ tables and presentations. Officers of the club warmly welcomed apprehensive students with open arms, trying to recruit new members even if their club’s goal seemed taboo or strange.

Take the new Electronic Dance Music Club (EDM) for example. While many have never heard about this young genre of music, new clubs are always looking for more members. Miles Chrusciel, founding president of the EDM Club explains, “I invite those who don't know much about electronic music to learn more about the genre and perhaps even discover artists that they enjoy listening to.”

But maybe within the dozens of clubs already available, nothing tickles your fancy? No matter! Chrusciel also states how easy it is for an individual to create a new club. “To be honest, I didn’t encounter much difficulty with the club application process. CHS has made the club applications pretty painless. As long as you have a strong idea that you can show is worth being turned into a club, you shouldn't have a problem.”

To create your own club, click here.

The complete list of new clubs (find all current clubs here):

Electronic Dance Music Club: Miles Chrusciel

Reach Out: Fiona Moran and Anya Raadam

Operation Smile: Hana Farid, Allison Green, Maddie Zinser

Bridges Club: Olivia McGeough and Clare Bowles

Autism Awareness Club: Tess Wakefield and Lucy Clark

Organ Donation Awareness Club: Kate Evans and Logan Richardson

I Pledge: Erin Cronin and Samantha Druhot

Healthy Choices: Greg Kurlak

Spirit Club: Matt Gentile

Rapid Fire Improv Troupe: Jessica Jogodnik and Marc Milone

Spark Club: Anthony Torrioni

Astronomy Club: Paul Coyne

Computerized Sewing: Elyzia Zhang

Contact these founding officers to find out more!