A Student View of the 2016 Presidential Election

Monday, November 28th, 2016
resultsThe 2016 Presidential Election is one that will live in infamy. It consisted of a Washington politician pitted against the most politically inexperienced person to ever receive a major party nomination. By winning the Electoral College, Donald J. Trump, our new president-elect, proved that Americans are sick of the establishment. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic nominee for President and first woman ever to receive a major party nomination, was clearly the person who everyone thought was going to win. She did, in fact, win the popular vote. Not everyone is ready to accept her loss, demonstrated by the protests, both violent and non-violent, that have been happening country wide. This led to the Chronicle investigating what the next generation of first-time voters thinks about the election.

The results of the “Mock Election” that the state of New Jersey ran provides answers. The results, taken from high schools across the state, show that the majority of New Jersey’s Congressional districts voted for Hillary Clinton, all except for the 4th District, which had a majority vote of 53% for Donald Trump, and a 33% vote for Hillary Clinton. For the district that includes Chatham, district 11, the results were 50% Clinton and 35% Trump.

Although New Jersey voted mostly Democratic, when you look at the results of Morris county grades 9-12, there are some staggering differences in votes.

For Morris County 9th grade: 50% Clinton, 37% Trump

For Morris County 10th grade: 51% Clinton 37% Trump

For Morris County 11th grade: 47% Clinton 39% Trump

For Morris County 12th grade: 33% Clinton 48% Trump

Although the state of New Jersey as a whole voted for Hillary Clinton, it’s clear that our county isn’t unanimously in favor of Hillary either.

High schoolers, including those in and around Chatham, tend to side with the liberal candidates. Students are hoping that the people of our country can reach across party lines and work together. Whether to “work through any problems that may arise from Trump’s presidency,” as suggested by sophomore Chelsea Zarzuela,  or, as stated by senior Kismet Seekond, to hope “that the President-Elect can represent everyone in this country and do what’s best for us all,” we must band together and work as one to further our great country.