Spring Into Action with CHS Girls' Spring Sports

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Considering the spring season started with snow on the ground, the teams have come a long way to finally be able to play in shorts and a t-shirt. Now that it is the end of April, it is a good time to catch up with each girls' spring team and see how their seasons are going up to this point.

Softball has been having a pretty successful season so far. The team is 7-8 so far and had an amazing run in counties. Being the 20th seed, they beat the 13th seed and the 4th seed and made it to the quarterfinals. Their game versus the 4th seed, Jefferson, was a crazy game, where everyone, including Coach Durso, was nervous. "The team had lost to them in counties last year, and I really wanted the girls to go out and get that win and prove to themselves that they are a talented bunch." Their hard work and practice really paid off going into this game. With a handful of regular season games left, the team hopes to use these games and their practices to prepare for States. Practice is usually run as a collaborative effort between the players and Coach Durso. They will often work on defense and any issues from the previous game, but then the team decides what needs to be improved and that is what they will work on. Because they choose what they want to do, they stay motivated and work hard, which is exactly Coach Durso's philosophy. The team also has some key players who help make the team better as well. Catcher Candace DeVito and shortstop Elizabeth Silveira have both been hitting phenomenally and really contributing to the team's success on offense. Hopefully, the girls can have another great run in States later this season.

Spring track is well-underway and is excited for the County and State Relays that are coming up. Many of the key athletes are training hard in practice each week. In practice, Coach Ullmeyer has the girls break up into their events and do specialized workouts in order to achieve success at meets. The teams' record for dual meets is 2-4, but most of their meets are relays. There are many key varsity athletes: Morgan Maltby, Liz Malatesta, Lia Ferrone, Erin O'Connor, Colleen O'Neill, Nicole Marsh, Sarah Prill, Laura Walsh, Jianna Caronan, Erin Tencic, Amy Duren, Laura Barber, Rashida Haye, Grace Malanga, Abbie Bigham, Simone Kirton, and Brigid Horan. Ullmeyer's philosophy for all of these ladies is to use the beginning of the season as a warm-up for the post-season relays. This means that their warm up will be coming to an end soon. Coach Ullmeyer tries to keep this throughout the whole season, even though coaching track can be a challenge. "My focus needs to be at five different places at the same time." The team has been staying focused and is excited to move into the County Championships and State meets.

The lacrosse team at the end of April finished up its regular season at 6-7. Considering the team started off 0-3 after facing considerably their 3 hardest rivals: Mountain Lakes, Mendham, and Summit, the team worked hard to become more successful. A very reviving moment for the team was when they beat Oak Knoll in overtime. It was a very competitive game that came down to keeping possession on attack and staying composed. Since that game, the team has been more confident and pushes themselves to be their best. Coach Renna approached her philosophy from the perspective that the team will take each game as a new start with its own goals. "If we can achieve the goals set for each game, we will be successful." She also stressed how important improving the girls' skills on and off the field while keeping their love for lacrosse. One way Coach Renna does this is through enhancing Blue/White competitions in practice, where the team is split up and does different drills to compete for a prize at the end of the season. Some of their key players are Bridget Ballard and Maddy Bowles, both very aggressive attackers who contribute goals and assists to the team. Injuries have also hurt the team since midfielders Kennedy Krauss and Kristen Maiorano, two very vital players, were sidelined. Hopefully the team can triumph in the post season as they are ranked 18th in the state and 3rd in the county.

Lastly, the golf team has by far exceeded standards set by their previous varsity teams. Returning almost their entire team from a year ago, the lady cougars jumped out to an undefeated start. Jessica Barry, returning varsity starter in her sophomore year, claims that, "I definitely get the sense that the bond we have reflects on how we are doing this season. Last year we placed 6th in the state, so hopefully with all of our improvements, we can do even better!" The team has only gotten better and with increasing popularity and reputation, the future is bright.