Special Feature: New Staff Writers

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017
This school year the Chronicle staff grew greatly in size acquiring many new members. We decided to get to know them and why they decided to join the paper. Adelaide Barkhorn, Drew Dinnhaupt, Deniz Gedik, Skylar Redgate, Rhea Sinha, and Marissa Sullivan were all sophomores that joined the Chronicle, along with freshmen Emily Lamb and Ian McGill. They have all written articles this year and are great additions to the Chronicle staff.

Adelaide Barkhorn joined the Chronicle this year as a way to become more involved at CHS and to pursue her interest in writing. She enjoys the differences between writing papers for English class and the journalistic style of writing for a newspaper. Outside of the Chronicle, Adelaide is prop mistress for the spring musical The Addams Family and has hobbies of reading and playing the guitar. Her favorite subject is history, and she may follow a liberal arts career path.

Drew Dinnhaupt has always enjoyed writing and thought being part of the CHS newspaper would be the best way to write for a larger audience. He likes to cover CHS sports in his articles as he plays both baseball and golf. He also participates in St. Patrick’s Youth Ministry. His favorite subject is English, and he is interested in pursuing a career in literature or business.

Deniz Gedik decided to write for the Chronicle to improve and expand his writing skills. He enjoys being able to choose the topics he covers for each newspaper edition and the collaboration among its members. His favorite articles to write are those about controversial or multi-perspective subjects. Science has always been his favorite subject so he is considering being either a doctor or a programmer.

Emily Lamb joined the Chronicle to be introduced to reporting as she enjoys journalism. She especially likes writing articles sharing students’ ideas and opinions on current events and issues the world is facing. She is in the musical and on the CHS robotics team. Additionally, she is a Girl Scout and participates in the NJ Youth Chorus. Since English and history are her favorite subjects, she is thinking about a career as a political correspondent in D.C.

Ian McGill became part of the CHS paper to research and write about school activities and events. He greatly enjoys writing for the Chronicle and looks forward to writing more articles. He is also in the Guitar Club and is interested in computers. Because of this, he sees himself majoring in computer science.

Skylar Redgate decided to both pursue her interest in writing and gain a new experience by becoming a Chronicle staff writer. She finds it easier to keep up with the events going on at CHS when she is writing about them. She plays field hockey and is on stage crew. English is her favorite subject, so she is considering a career in this field.

Rhea Sinha decided to write for the newspaper because of a strong interest in writing. Through her membership, she has improved her writing abilities and become more up-to-date on what is happening in CHS and the community. Aside from the Chronicle, Rhea is playing Grandma in CHS’ The Addams Family and is very involved in karate. She enjoys every subject, especially Chemistry.

Marissa Sullivan joined the Chronicle this year because she has always liked writing and wanted to be more involved at CHS. She enjoys the freedom in writing the Chronicle offers and especially likes to write about CHS sports. She plays field hockey and runs track. Her favorite subjects are English and science.

All of these new members of the Chronicle joined for different reasons but have the same positive experiences writing for the paper. It offers the freedom to explore different topics and types of articles, and is a great way to learn more about CHS. If you enjoy writing or researching what is happening around school, the Chronicle might be for you!