Spanish Club: Upcoming Panama Trip

Friday, September 30th, 2016

As the new school year begins for CHS students, so does a new and fantastic opportunity. The 2016 to 2017 school year will welcome the first Spanish field trip! Spanish 4 Honors and AP Spanish students are invited to a trip to Panama from June 28th through July 5th. Twelve students will be going on an adventurous and jam-packed trip for eight days with Señor Montoya and Señora Wishart.

In a brief interview with Señor Montoya, I was able to cover the highlights of the trip:

Day 1 (June 28th): Fly to Panama. The students will get to visit the beautiful metropolis of the Panamanian Capital.

Day 2 (June 29th): Visiting and getting a feeling of Old Panama. Here the students will be able to roam and look around a district that dates back to 1519. There will also be many museums to visit.

Day 3 (June 30th): On the third day of their trip the students will get to embark on a hiking trip towards many different destinations throughout the day.

Day 4 (July 1st): More nature comes in on this day of the trip as the students and staff of CHS visit a National Park.

Day 5 (July 2nd): Two exciting and memorable events will occur today. Chatham students will get to live in the life of Panamanian teenager for a school day, and the will take an in-depth look of the Panama Canal.

Day 6 (July 3rd): Along with the many different cultures and communities in Panama, the students will get to visit the indigenous community.

Day 7 (July 4th): They will experience a wonderful canopy tour.

Day 8 (July 5th): The students will take a sad departure back home, but have memories and events that they will never forget tucked in the back of their minds.

With the wonderful opportunities CHS provides, this is by far one of the most exciting.

¡Ven con nosotros a disfrutar el paseo en Panamá!