Senior Spotlight: Zachary St. Romain

Saturday, April 4th, 2015
Zach St. Romain

CHS Senior Zach St. Romain

With Chatham Varsity Baseball’s Opening Day looming on the horizon this weekend, we decided to get into the spirit of the upcoming season and sit down with a Varsity player to share his thoughts on what baseball means to him and what he expects for Chatham this upcoming season.
Zachary St. Romain has been playing baseball for Chatham High School all four years he has been at the school, playing in the outfield (specifically, right field). Zachary was also a Varsity Football player in the fall, playing Wide Receiver and Cornerback for Chatham. He is expected to be a starter this season in Right Field, his last season playing for Chatham.


Why did you choose to play baseball?
I chose to play baseball mainly because of my love for the game and the fact that it is a both physical and mental challenge to excel at the sport. In addition, I love the fact that baseball is one of the few sports where you can fail a majority of the time and still succeed.


What is the best part of the experience?
I would have to say that being with my teammates is the best part of the experience because I have made a lot of new friends just by playing baseball.


Who has had the biggest influence on you with playing baseball?
My dad has probably had the biggest influence on me, as he has always convinced me to try harder and to keep going at it.


Favorite memory of playing baseball at CHS?
My favorite memory of playing baseball at CHS would have to be when I was on the JV team and we beat Delbarton in a well-played, high-scoring game.


What are your goals for this season?
Our goals for this season would be to play at a highly competitive level with some of the powerhouse teams in the conference and make the State Tournament, hopefully winning some games there as well. We would also love to beat Governor Livingston on Opening Day, beat Delbarton, and win the game on Senior Night.


Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen who are looking to be a part of the baseball program?
I would tell freshmen to not be afraid to try out and give it a chance. In addition, I would tell them to continue to work out in the offseason and just have fun while playing.