Senior Spotlight: The Fords

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019


CHS is no exception when it comes to having amazingly kind, helpful, and smart students. With dozens of sports and clubs as well as countless class options available to the students, there is no cap for potential in each student’s future.

Twin sisters Kaitlyn and Michaela Ford are perfect examples of unlimited potential. They are both committed to Villanova, and they were on the varsity basketball team this year. How did they do it? Do they have any advice for upcoming high school seniors? How was the season this year? I sat down with them to find out.

Hailey: How has your senior year been so far?

Michaela: It’s been great! You don’t really have the pressure that you did for the other years of high school, especially once you get done with college applications.

Kaitlyn: I agree. It’s been really fun so far.

H: How was the basketball season this year?

K: We competed at the state finals on Sunday [March 10th], and it sold out in twenty minutes! It was crazy. We usually don’t have a lot of students come to our games, but there were so many this year. It felt great.

M: Yeah! Unfortunately, we lost, but we won our entire section, which is something that hasn’t been done by the CHS girls basketball team since 2010!

K: Basketball has been in our family for the longest time. It was natural for us to join because we grew up with it.

M: Exactly, ever since we could talk we’ve had a basketball in our hands. Our dad has been the one to coach us since we were little. He is the stem of our love for both basketball and Villanova.

K: He’s done stuff around the neighborhood for basketball too; it’s a really big part of our lives.

H: What has been the best part of the year?

K: Basketball was definitely the best part of the year. The team would hang out before and after practices. We would go to Starbucks and do homework and read or just hang out. This year was the closest the team has ever been since we joined the high school team.

M: All the things we did with our team were the absolute best.

It sounds like the two of them have had the best experience in high school, but all that we talked about were the highlights; I was wondering what advice they had for incoming freshman and upcoming seniors, as stress at Chatham High School is inevitable.

H: What advice do you have for incoming freshman or upcoming seniors?

M: For freshman who are looking to do an activity at the high school, I recommend basketball! It’s a small team, and it’s not like any of the other programs. We do everything together, and it’s a really small group so it’s easy to bond with them.

K: We are going to be leaving our little sister, who is a sophomore, but we know she fits in well here. Our older sister goes to Villanova and is studying finance, which is what we are going to be studying too. All three of us are going to be there!

M: And in terms of upcoming seniors, try to get all of your college applications done during the summer. The first marking period matters too much to be filling out your applications at the same time as doing work!