Senior Spotlight: Emily Vinick and Sean Ryan

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018


As you have probably heard many seniors say, first semester of senior year is one of the most difficult times in high school. Many seniors during this time period are stressing over college applications and trying to balance that with their regular course load and finish their SAT or ACT exams. Very few have this college weight lifted off their shoulders; however, committed athletes earn that relief of stress early in their senior year. Two committed athletes that are both playing soccer in college are Emily Vinick and Sean Ryan. I asked them a few questions about this year and what led them to their paths of becoming committed athletes.

When did you start playing soccer, and how did you start if you remember?

Emily: I started playing soccer when I was young, around kindergarten. I live near Esternay, so I would go to the field with my family and just kick the ball around. This was also around the time when I started to play for Chatham Rec.

Sean: I used to wrestle, and around that time is when I started to play soccer. Before and after wrestling practice, my brother and I would take the soccer ball outside and play. We both realized we really like it and went on to play from there.

When did you realize you wanted to take soccer really seriously?

Emily: Up until 6th grade, I was a competitive gymnast. When I tried out for the Chatham United team in 5th grade, I didn’t make it. Luckily, the Madison Soccer Club head coach let me try out for the team and I made it. I really loved playing “real” games, but unfortunately I had to miss a lot of them for gymnastics. I used to practice and compete around four times per week. So I decided to quit gymnastics in sixth grade, and I tried and made the Jersey United Soccer Club team. To keep up with the kids around me, I worked really hard on skills on my own.

Who influenced you to work hard?

Emily: There are many people who have influenced me, but at the top of the list are all the coaches I have had in high school, travel, and club. I wanted to impress them and also earn playing time, so that motivated me to work harder.

Sean: Because my dad became an All-American and played D1 wrestling for Syracuse, I always had that influence from him. Seeing him work hard showed me an example.

Why do you love soccer?

Emily: I love it for many reasons: the team being your second family, the adrenaline rush, the competition, and the challenge.

Sean: I have always loved the intensity and physical challenges that the game brings.

When and how did you realize you wanted to play soccer for Skidmore College?

Emily: I went to a bunch of ID clinics, and when I went to Skidmore’s it was the only one where I felt completely comfortable. The coaches and people were really warm to me, the climate there matched my desires, the campus was beautiful, it is located in an amazing area, and the art and English program are great, which are the two things that I want to pursue. It matched and felt more right than any other school.

Will you be training any differently now that you are committed and know where you are going to college?

Emily: I won’t be changing much at all. The only change I will make to my current routine is working out more. In college you play against much stronger and older girls, so more weight training is being incorporated to my workouts.

Sean: Ohio State University is part of the Big 10 (their conference) and competes against the best teams in America for D1 soccer. I have been ramping up my training since summer, and I am getting ready to focus and face the challenges of the Big 10.

Both seniors may be done with college work and have some relief, but their schedules are changing too. Their college mindsets are already taking control of a big part of their lives - their athletic lives. For Vinick and Ryan, this is a goal completed, and a step closer to the experience of a lifetime. Congratulations to both Emily Vinick on her commitment to Skidmore College and Sean Ryan on his commitment to Ohio State University!