Senior Spotlight: Casey Madura

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
In this edition, staff writer Matt Gentile sits down with senior Casey Madura to talk about second semester, sports, student council, and more.

Hi Casey. With the first 3 marking periods almost done at CHS, what are your expectations for your final quarter here at CHS?
Hi Matt, I have had a great first 3 marking periods, and for my final one I am hoping to just enjoy my last moments in CHS, and really bond with the grade.

How have you been handling "senioritus" so far this second semester?
It has been kind of hard, I am not going to lie, but I keep trying to push myself to still continue with a strong work ethic, even with graduation around the corner.

Do you have any advice or insight that you would want to share with upcoming juniors and sophomores?
Enjoy every moment!! High school flies by, so really soak it in and enjoy every part of CHS!

Describe yourself in three words.
Silly, Athletic, and Fun

Why did you choose those 3 words?
I tend to goof off and be silly around my friends, I'm not afraid to make a fool out of myself! Athletic, because I enjoy playing sports, especially, lacrosse. And fun because I like to do fun exciting and new things!

What has been your favorite class at the High School over your past four years?
English because having Mrs. Bryan, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Ahn, and now Ferg for my English career at Chatham has been amazing. They all make the subject engaging and entertaining, I found that English is the type of class where you can enjoy being creative, which I like.

If you had to pick a few favorite memories from your athletic career at Chatham, what would they be?
I play soccer and lacrosse, so for soccer it would have to be, beating a Roxbury to continue on in the County tournament, the game went in to penalty kicks, and it was so dramatic when we finally came up with the win!
For lacrosse, I would have to say beating Mendham in the County tournament my sophomore year, we were down the whole game and come back suddenly and took the lead of 13-12, with 9 seconds left. Another great moment was in my last year's lacrosse season, and we beat long time rival West Essex in overtime, winning 12-11, we came into the second half losing, and fired back allowing us to win the game.

How do you get involved in the CHS atmosphere besides sports?
I have been class secretary for all four years at CHS, also I have been apart of other clubs such as, Acceptance Initiative and Chess Club

How was your experience at the recent Senior Fashion Show?
I had an awesome time at the Senior Fashion Show, it was so great to be with my whole grade, and get dresses up. It was a really fun event and different event!

What is your favorite memory from your time at the High School?
My favorite memory from High School would have to be when the hockey team won the state championship last year. It was such a great experience being in the prudential center and having almost the whole school come out to the game. With everyone dressed in the American theme, it was just such a great scene with great school spirit!