Senior Parking Spots

Thursday, December 20th, 2018


parking spots
It's nearing that time of the year again. At the end of January, or at the end of the first semester, some seniors mourn while others rejoice at the loss and gain of parking spots in the school lot. The six minute, three block walk from the school to the J lot is a miserable alternative to a spot in the school lot, especially in the bitter cold of winter. For those who do not know, securing a spot is not a difficult task. As I myself did not understand this process until a few days ago, for underclassmen this can surely be an area of confusion. Below I have highlighted a few of the main points regarding parking at CHS.

Spots in the senior parking lot can be secured quite easily by seniors; although, there is a limited number of spots. In this case, it is first come, first serve as a result of classes being too large to grant everybody a spot. Starting on August 14th each school year, students may pay the fee of fifty dollars on, which covers one semester of parking. An application must also be completed and submitted to the school. On the application you are asked to select the semester you prefer to have a spot in, as a student is only permitted to have a spot for one semester. Later in the month of August, parking assignments will be released on Genesis, where it will clearly display both the semester and spot number granted to the student, if you are lucky enough to grab one. And finally, around August 21st, hang tags begin to be administered in the main office. These hang tags act as an all-semester long parking ticket to your assigned spot, and must be in the vehicle that you park each day.

Unfortunately, not every student is guaranteed a spot. There are only 253 spaces in the main lot, and an additional 89 reserved for faculty on the side lot. These 253, however, are not all reserved for students, but visitor and additional faculty parking as well. With class sizes nearing 400 students, it is very possible that the school sees an excess of applicants. In the case that there are more applicants than available spaces, CHS has established that a lottery system will be implemented, where students are picked at random for access to a spot.

Additionally, there is a number of occurrences, or ‘violations’, that can result in revoked parking privileges. Some of these actions are loosely defined as “drive[ing] dangerously in the lot” and using a “vehicle… to leave school at unauthorized times during the school day.” Other important rules to remember are to keep your hang tag on your vehicle at all times while it is parked, and to not lose it, as there are no replacements. Also, you need to make sure that the vehicle you park in the lot is registered in the main office, and to park only in your assigned spot. Failure to comply with these guidelines is said to result in the removal of parking privileges or other disciplinary action.

Regardless of these many rules and procedures, parking is a luxury that we all have the opportunity to enjoy our senior year, and I encourage those that have little time left to make the most of it.