Senior Internships

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016
The Senior Internship Program has always been a great opportunity offered by CHS. Seniors end their high school career by taking off the last six weeks of school and getting job experience - possibly in a field they are interested in for the future. Let’s take a look at some internships happening this year.
Fiona Moran, president of Teens Connecting with Teens, is off to work ECLC, a school for kids with disabilities. She say, “I’m really excited and the people there are such inspiring young adults.” She is intrigued to take her interest in this organization from her club into this internship experience.

Interests in education are apparent in internships this year, like years before, as students take off to the schools in Chatham. Maria Garavente notes, “I’m really excited to be in the classroom and work with the students,” in talking about her internship as an assistant in a first grade class at the elementary school she attended, Southern Boulevard School. Michaela Connor is off to CMS to help the art teacher and continue her interest in art. Although some people have a great interest in education, some people are using the opportunities at other schools to get even more involved in the Chatham community.

Senior Will Hackett is doing an internship at a startup company for a new app, a budding field. He can’t wait to learn more about the technology and business field, an area of study he has never been involved in before. Some people are taking business interests, such as at the Madison Chamber of Commerce or local shops around town like Powerflow Yoga.

This year, SIP has taken off with more kids participating in it than ever before.We hope all the Seniors going out on Internships will have a successful experience!