Senior Internships

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

College is not the only place for Chatham High School seniors to get real-world job experiences. Yes, it’s that magical time of year when certain seniors embark on their whirlwind senior internships.

Senior Internships allow students to escape the last few months of the High school academic setting to explore internships in their field. Students get exempt from finals and any other schoolwork of the last four weeks of school and come back to school for certain activities like Senior Awards Ceremony. Cumulatively, each senior must spend one hundred hours in their internship and must submit a weekly journal entry to the senior internship coordinator Mrs. Simonfaye.

Last week a few faces left each senior class to the exciting realm of internships. Now CHS students are exploring opportunities in schools, hospitals, St. Huberts animal shelter, and many more exciting places.

Claire Seefried describes her own senior internship experience; “I knew I wanted to do senior internship to get the experience of working in elementary school to see if this is something I want to pursue. Mrs. Simonfaye was really helpful throughout the process and has been a good mentor for us.” Claire continues, “I help out around a third grade class room and think this is a great learning experience for me. I enjoy working with kids, and have accepted that I want to do something with education in my future.”

If you are looking for real- world job experience, evading the monotonous last weeks of school, and fun, then look no further because senior internships may be the perfect experience for you. Best of all, you will find yourself singing the High School Musical timeless classic “Summer time” sooner than most seniors.