Senior Internship Program at CHS

Monday, February 2nd, 2015
Each spring, Chatham High School Seniors are granted the unique opportunity to enter the workforce and experience a job in the field of their interest. The four week long program requires 25 hours of work each week, starting in May and concluding in June. The internship program is a fantastic chance for seniors to get a feel for what the workforce is really like, and for many, it is their first experience in a professional work environment.

The process first begins with the application, which requires a resume as well as a teacher recommendation. For underclassmen hoping to secure an internship their senior year, it’s best to fill out the application early and submit it well before the due date. This shows organization, motivation and enthusiasm to the organizers. Options for seniors hoping to secure an internship include finding a school-approved one independently or requesting assistance in locating one in a field of interest. In the past internships have covered a wide array of professions including jobs in business, marketing, medicine and fashion.

This year, seniors have shown a great level of enthusiasm for the program and are eager to take advantage of its benefits. Chatham senior, Meghan Enslow, hopes to obtain an internship at a hospital, possibly shadowing a doctor. She notes about the program, “I think it’s really great real world experience” as well as her excitement to learn more about the medical field. For senior Hailey Brock, who is interested in entering the field of literature, she feels that internship program at CHS is great “Because I get to expand upon my academic interests which I don’t get to focus on as much as I desire in school.”

Although, the experience is an incredible opportunity, with it comes great responsibility. In addition to attending their internships, students are required to complete assignments related to their internship experiences as well as a final PowerPoint project. They will also be monitored throughout their employment with evaluations from the employers. Hopefully, the internships will provide Chatham High School seniors with the opportunity to apply their education in the real world, where they can develop a strong work ethic and learn more about their dream careers.