Senior Art Show

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015
Each Year, Chatham High School seniors enrolled in AP Studio Art receive the opportunity to display their work in Chatham’s Rizzo Gallery, located at 32 Watchung Avenue. This year, Chatham’s AP art curriculum was so high in demand that the class needed to be split into two different periods, each being taught by Chatham High School art teacher Eric Hreha. For many of the talented artists, the gallery is their first time showing work in a professional setting, and they are extremely excited for the incredible opportunity.

Hailey Brock, one of the seniors featured in the show, is excited to show her favorite piece she’s created this year, entitled “Salamanca’s New Cathedral,” which she painted in homage to the Spanish city she visited this past summer: “I chose this painting because it reminds me of my view from my dorm in Spain and it’s probably my strongest painting.” She also voiced her eagerness to view the work of her peers saying, she can’t wait to see everyone else’s art in a gallery setting.

Another senior artist, Kate Beebe, pointed out the social aspect of the event saying, “I am excited to see everyone’s combined talent. Everybody had different strengths and I’m excited to see such an array of strong pieces.” Kate, whose concentration is centered around printmaking, will be displaying one of her prints entitled, “Off to the Sea.” In a day and age when sharing via Facebook and Instagram have made phone screens the most popular mediums of viewing, it’s refreshing for young students to gather in one place and physically see the art in person.

This year, students were asked to select just one of their pieces to be hung in the gallery, leaving tough decisions to be made by the young artists. In addition to selecting final pieces, students also framed and matted their artwork so it would look more professional and readily catch the eye of potential buyers. This year the show will take place on Thursday, March 5th from 6PM to 8PM, with select pieces available to be purchased.