Second Semester Seniors

Thursday, February 7th, 2019


With the first semester ending around a week ago, seniors are sure to be feeling a swarm of emotions. Some are excited for their final semester as high schoolers, as they’re eager to leave the bustle of Chatham High School’s hallways for a new school. Others may worry about their future, concerned about what might become of them as they move onto a new stage in their life.

In order to understand what seniors might be feeling, we interviewed a few CHS seniors. The general theme among seniors approaching the second half of the year is one of ease and excitement with many already having gone through the struggles of college admissions. It's a time to enjoy their last moments in CHS as well as anticipate what the future holds.

Taryn Roffina, who has been in the Chatham Theater Department throughout her high school years and has performed in the Voices choir, explained that she feels “prepared for high school to end, but I can’t really explain why. Graduation is coming up soon, and that’s something I wasn’t super excited for, but I feel more prepared as I move along.”

Senior Madi Haeringer, who has formed tight bonds with many other seniors during Chatham theater and music productions, said that she feels “a lot of confidence and accomplishment, but also a huge loss of motivation because I’m done applying to colleges. It’s a relief.” The well-known “senioritis” which Madi describes here is rampant among many seniors during the second semester. Many students who’ve finished applying to colleges feel ready to let loose and end the constant stress of getting their grades in order for college admissions.

However, the relaxed atmosphere that surrounds the senior class is well-earned: they’ve been working tirelessly at Chatham High School for four years. According to a senior, “Semester one senior year is the most stressed I had ever been. People say junior year is the worst, but this one sucked. Trying to balance everything was crazy. I had a job, the play, and I had to quit the marching band because I couldn’t balance all of them.”

Preparations for college bring a lot of stress for these students, however, once they leave this aspect of senior year behind them and move into the second half of the year, many begin to focus on saying goodbye to Chatham. Madi continued: “I’m sad I’m leaving the people I see every day, but I’m ready to get out of here and not have to see the same people I've been with my entire life.” Adding to this, she mentioned that “all my senior friends still come home, and I still visit them.” It is clearly an exciting time, though many seniors hold qualms about not getting to see their family and friends.

On the subject of leaving CHS, a sad tone took over the seniors. “It’s a bittersweet question,” said Matt Markay, a senior who has been accepted to American University in D.C. and who has been an active participant in the theater department throughout his high school years. “It’s a sad thing to leave, but I'm ready for some change. I’m going to miss the music department, and I’m going to miss having a routine, the town, and my friends, but I’m ready to leave.” Matt also held a fervent excitement for the future in college proclaiming his anticipation to “have a more lenient schedule.”

As one can see, seniors view this turning point in many ways, though they all share the same nervous anticipation for the future. We wish all the seniors good luck in their final semester!