Pros of Switch to Schoology

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
While making the school-wide switch from FirstClass to Schoology was a big adjustment, many students and teachers are starting to warm up to what Mrs. Pace, beloved school nurse, describes as the "user friendly, easy to learn website". The easy training that was needed to adapt to Schoology is just one of the many positive aspects that Chatham's new online communication system has brought us this year.
schoology logo

For starters, students are loving the calendar that Schoology offers. The calendar is many students’ favorite Schoology feature because it enables them to plan for any upcoming assignments, tests, or quizzes. Senior Noelle Burger says that “it’s so much easier to be organized and know all due dates for all of my classes for the next few weeks just by looking in one place.” This is especially beneficial for students who don’t typically write down their homework in their agendas. Thanks to Schoology they no longer have to make a chore of remembering every assignment for every single class.

Another pro of Schoology that is appreciated by both students and teachers is the ability to upload and access powerpoints and handouts online. Mrs. Gagliardi is just one of many teachers who enjoys the convenience of having all documents online to help her students be more productive. More specifically, anyone who misplaces a worksheet is never out of luck because he or she can simply print out another one, and having the powerpoints online is largely beneficial as well. For instance, senior Devynn Pedell appreciates this function of Schoology as providing extra resources that help her to study. "Say you leave your notebook at home, or you don't get to finish writing down all of the information on a slide, it doesn't matter because you have your notes online and can just focus more on what the teacher is saying," Devynn offers as an example. Not only does this allow for better access to the information teachers provide, but also it lets students pay attention to what their teachers are saying as opposed to being preoccupied with copying the powerpoints word for word.

Another popular characteristic of Schoology's is that it allows for easier interaction with a multitude of people. As Mr. Curran says, "Schoology lets you connect to many other users" and it takes much less effort to do so than it has in the past. For instance, clubs have groups that allow for both members and administrators to collaborate regarding club matters. The ability to comment back and forth on posts lets all members view and participate in conversations about possible club events such as bake sales, meetings, or field trips, whereas previously, the communication of a club was mostly one-sided; club officers would send out a mass email to all of their members to put out information, but rarely would they prompt responses. So, most of the productive conversations were done in person and so organizing club matters took more time. Now, because of Schoology's electronic communication system, efficient interaction between people is simpler and faster as well.

Overall, Chatham High School feels that Schoology's best attributes include its helpful calendar, access to class documents, and efficient interaction between many different users. Perhaps you've already recognized these benefits of using Schoology, or maybe you're only realizing them now, but either way, it is important to acknowledge the positives in any situation.