Powderpuff Spotlight

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Last month, a group of Chatham upperclassmen participated in the first annual Powderpuff football at CHS. The game took place at Cougar Field with senior boys coaching the junior and senior female players. The event was a huge success and can all be accredited to the spirit and persistence of two CHS senior girls: Nicole Weaving and Libbey Gallagher. This month the Chronicle will spotlight these two seniors to get an inside scoop of what it takes to start an extracuriclar activity at CHS and get to know more about their high school experiences as a whole.


How have your senior years at CHS been going so far?

LG: My senior year has been going really well!

NW: My senior year has been going great! After everything that has happened, I have been able to adjust while still enjoying myself. I have never been busier in my life, but I am loving it!

How did you come to think of the idea of bringing Powderpuff football to Chatham?

LG:I have a friend who goes to Madison High School who brought it to her school last year and it was a huge success there, so I figured we could also make it a success at Chatham.

NW: I had always known about Powder Puff from my friends at other schools and just from the fact that I love football and knew this was a way for girls to have the chance to play. My mom had also suggested that I push for the school to do it this year since it really amps school spirit. Then, at Back to School Night, Libbey and I were talking and she expressed interest in running it with me, and the rest is history.

What were you expectations at first? How did the actual game compare?

LG: Going into the games, I had no idea what to expect.  But they actually went really well!  I was shocked by everyone's intensity and football skills and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun most importantly!

NW: I wish we could have done seniors vs. juniors, but having mixed teams was fine and better since not many juniors had signed up. I was hoping a ton of people would sign up to play and come watch. The first thing definitely got completed, the second, a little lacking. I wish we had more time to plan, but I think that for the time we had, it went great!

If another student wanted to start an activity at CHS like you did with powderpuff, how would you suggest they start the process?

LG: If another student wanted to start an activity at CHS I would definitely encourage them to reach out to their teachers or any of the administrators.  Mr. Librera was so helpful to me and Nicole with this powderpuff game and Mr. Groh and Ms. Gironda were very supportive. Also, don't give up if you run into some obsacles every issue can be worked out.

NW: I would suggest finding an adult to supervise first and then approaching the administration. We went in the opposite order and finding a teacher was actually one of the hardest planning points and that's why we felt so pressured for time. However, going to the administration is so important because you can't do anything in this school without their approval

What is one piece of advice you would give to freshmen as they begin their journeys through high school?

LG: One piece of advice I would give to freshman is to do their homework!

NW: Don't get to caught up in the drama and madness of high school because it is only a short chapter in your life

Describe yourself in 3 words. Why are those words accurate?

LG: These are always the toughest questions for me to answer since I really don’t like talking about myself. But 3 words that could describe Libbey Gallagher are: enthusiastic, outgoing, and last but not least, cool.

NW: Enthusiastic, Approachable, and Leader. Enthusiastic because I am always optimistic and put everything out there, especially when it comes to school spirit. It takes a lot for me to truly get down about anything cause I stay so energized and positive. Approachable because I like to feel like I'm friendly with most people in this school and that anyone could come to me for anything and I would help them out! Leader because I am always willing to step up and I am a leader in a majority of different clubs/activities in this school.

What teacher has made the biggest impression on you throughout your 4 years here at the High School?

LG: Mrs. Long was my biology teacher last year and she has been my favorite teacher throughout my 4 years. I was her lab assistant one year also which is something I would totally reccomend if you have a good relationship with a science teacher.

NW: From an academic perspective, Mrs. Ruffner comes to mind because she pushed me to be a better English student and was always there to talk whenever I needed someone. From a personal perspective, Sra. Wishart and Mrs. Morgan-Convery, who isn't even my teacher, have left a lasting impression because they are like second moms to me, especially after everything that has happened.

What is your favorite memory at CHS so far?

LG: My favorite memory so far at CHS would definitely have to be this powderpuff football game because it was awesome. It was nice for something to pay off after all the work Nicole and I put into it! I really hope its continued for years to come and that it has the same fun atmosphere that we had this year.

NW: First, winning the County Championship with the lacrosse team was one of the best moments of my life. Everything we had been working towards and the bond that we all had was solidified with that victory. Having played the entire game and feeling like I personally contributed to the win meant a lot. The other would be Cougar Fest this year. Planning a lot of it might have been hard, but it payed off in the end when the actual event happened. Also, the red game for the Football in honor of my mom was one of the sweetest gestures the community has ever made.

What are you looking forward to most in your last months at Chatham?

LG: In my last months at CHS, I'm really looking forward to the fashion show and all of the other end of senior year activities like the Ski Trip and Prom.

NW: I am looking forward to so much. Senior Prom, Lacrosse Season, Senior Ski Trip…Everything seems so much bigger this year and being able to spend it with all the kids I have grown up with for one last hoorah will be amazing.