Photography Club Contest: New Year, Fresh Start

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

The prompt for this January's Photography Club contest was: New Year, Fresh Start. Below are the winners.

First Place: Mayuri Purani

new year fresh start winner

This photo was taken of a dressing room mirror covered with Post-its. I thought it was really cool how they are small messages from strangers telling you how beautiful you are when you look into the mirror. I believe it spreads the idea of confidence and that people will always being there for each other, even if you don’t necessarily know it. It was a small and important way to make someone's day with an encouraging message. A great way to start the New Year!












Second Place: Anna Baird-Hassel

I came home from school a few weeks ago and there was a new, fresh-smelling vase of flowers sitting on the dining room table. One of the flowers was


still blooming, and I realized then that it was a perfect metaphor for a new year, and the fresh start that comes with it. As the tulip bloomed, it entered a new stage of its life, so to speak. Every new year is a chance to start a new stage in your life. Whether you want to get more active, or invest more effort into your schoolwork, the idea of a new year and a blank slate is very appealing. Its a chance to put aside, but still learn from the mistakes of last year, and use that knowledge to better yourself. This tulip may have been the last in its vase to bloom, but eventually it was just as beautiful as all the others. It's never too late to make a change in your life, and a new year is a perfect time to try.




Third Place: Naomi Boyd

great swamp
This photo was taken at the Great Swamp. I was walking with my friend and we saw this new boardwalk and I thought, “Hey!! That’ll be my photography club photo!” I think it gives a good representation of what the new year means. To me, the new year means starting down a new path, and this is a literal new path.