Parking Lot: Pro Con

Monday, September 26th, 2011

CHS students debate the addition of the new parking lot.

Flash back to 1962, the year that CHS’s original parking lot was built. At this time, the school consisted of only 600 students and the 112 parking spots were sufficient. Five decades and 500 more students later, CHS has finally decided to break away from the past into a future with long-term planning in mind.

For the last six years, a new parking lot has progressively transitioned from a luxury into a necessity with each incoming class flooding with more students than the previous year. Consequently, 2:40 PM has become a gridlocked zone congested with cars of students, parents, and teachers. Seniors rush to their cars to no avail, only to be confronted with the sights and sounds of the late-day mayhem which include cars beeping, brakes screeching, and students sighing. Likewise, those without spots have resorted to illegal parking in visitor spots and nearby streets during morning hours. Without a new parking lot, how would the school handle the 350+ student classes entering the high school in the upcoming decade?

It is exceedingly apparent that a new parking lot is required for the students at CHS. Student Andrew Blazoski described this necessary feature as a means of "alleviating parking not only for school, but also for extracurricular activities including sporting events, back-to-school night, and concerts. . . in short, it’s studly." Studly indeed, the new parking lot will function throughout the day and night by students and parents who would much rather avoid the hassle that limited parking holds. As the school continues to grow, this new parking lot will considerably accommodate size increases and the superb students that CHS embraces.