One Direction

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
If you have been wondering “what makes you beautiful,” just listen to One Direction’s internationally successful song! One Direction is a British Irish band consisting of five passionate, handsome members- Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson.

The members originally entered as solo candidates in 2010 to Simon Cowell’s seventh series of The X- Factor. However, guest judge Nicole Scherzinger suggested they should be put together to form the boy band we know and love today, One Direction. From there on, social media’s quick and wide access greatly contributed to the band’s success.

Upon the release of their album Up All Night in November 2011, fervor for their fun, but empowering songs boiled. Tara LaCorte raves about the band’s range of music, “Their album has such a great scope! I love blasting fun songs like ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ but love the strong chords of ‘Moments’ too.” This record became the fast-selling debut album of UK in 2011. Even in the United States, One Direction won the title of first UK band in history to debut at number one with their first album. Their ultimate success is proven through their incredible, ambitious 2013 world tour. Rachael Ratner comments on how difficult it was for her to find tickets for their concerts, “I was on ticket master at 9:30, credit card in hand, ready to purchase tickets for my friends and I. Thank God, I was prepared because the website almost crashed from all the fans, and I came out with four reasonably priced tickets to their 2013 concert at Hershey PA!” What makes One Direction so successful and desirable to millions of fans?

Despite their unavoidable talent, the band’s success can be attributed to the members’ honest, grounded personalities. In many video logs, twitter updates, and interviews, fans can’t help but fall in love with the members’ infectiously fun, inviting persona. However, One Direction is categorized as a typical Boy Band. Niall comments on the stereotype, “People think that a boyband is air-grabs and being dressed in one colour. We’re boys in a band. We’re trying to do something different from what people would think is the typical kind of boyband. We’re trying to do different kinds of music and we’re just trying to be ourselves, not squeaky clean.” Members’ true personalities shine through despite their seamless unity; for instance, Zayn is known as the mysterious member, Louis is known as the funny member, and Harry is known as the flirt. Emma Franklin gives her opinion of the band, “ I don’t take One Direction as a serious music group, but in a way I think that’s what they are going for. After all, most of their fan base is made up of teenage girls.”

One Direction has undeniable talent and drive; still, their image and genre of music shapes their audience. The band’s origins in the X-Factor prove their fundamental singing talents, and “the rest is history.” As this avid, charming band continues to write new songs and come out with music videos, a promising future awaits them.