November Chatham High School Student Spotlight

“Chatham Cares” Club Leaders Corbin Berry, Jacob Eig, Quentin Murray, and Michael Nunn
Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Chatham Cares


What are some of Chatham High School’s students doing these days that is worthy of recognition? Answering that question might be able to fill up a whole issue of a newspaper! This month, however, let’s take a look at a new club called “Chatham Cares.”

The brainchild of this club, already forty students strong, is Quentin Murray, a sophomore at Chatham High School. As the Head Coordinator for the Hillside Community Food Bank service trips offered through Corpus Christi Parish in Chatham, he already has some experience in serving his community.

Quentin says, On a recent trip to the Food Bank in September, the workers were telling me how grateful they all were that we gave up our time to help them pack lunches for needy children, and that the more volunteers they got, the better. So, along with my partner for organizing these trips through the church, Michael Nunn, we thought of allowing students at CHS to experience volunteering and giving back to their community, and giving the food bank many more volunteers.”

Fortunately, at Chatham High School the school community fosters this sort of creative spirit, and when students have an idea for a club, they must simply find a staff advisor to oversee it. Mrs. Laura Wengel, an English teacher in her first year at CHS, was eager to step up. She hopes to help the students organize some Habitat for Humanity work before winter break and get the group to a food pantry or soup kitchen before Thanksgiving. Some of the other ideas students have come up with so far are a cancer walk and a project about autism awareness. How does she manage to squeeze in this volunteer duty in her first year at CHS? No problem for Ms. Wengel: “The energy of the students is great. I've always had energy to burn so this is a perfect challenge for me in my first year with the district.

Knowing that he needed a team to make this work, Quentin recruited three of his friends to help him lead the club: Corbin Berry, Jacob Eig, and Michael Nunn. Together they put together a club that would fit the busy schedules of Chatham High School Students. Quentin states: We know that high school students have a lot on their plates, so we built this club with the purpose of students receiving recognition in participating in a volunteer organization, without having to accumulate a minimum of hours or points to actually be considered a member. We believe that if students make the effort of showing up to the majority of meetings and going on at least two to three service trips, then they deserve the recognition for giving back to their community.”

In October, the club organized a fund drive called “Pink Out” to donate to the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Research Fund. They successfully raised $250. This month they will be organizing a food collection for the Community Food Bank in Morristown.

Chatham High School’s student body is a special bunch of kids. Kudos go out this month, though, especially to Quentin, Corbin, Jacob, and Michael for providing this opportunity for others to make a positive difference in our community!

Pictured in photo: Mrs. Laura Wengel, Jacob Eig, Corbin Berry, Quentin Murray, Michael Nunn

Photo by Jennifer Zimmerman