New York Fashion Week 2013

Friday, October 18th, 2013
Thom Browne

This year, designers in New York City painted the town in every shade imaginable from bold geometric prints to monochromatic neutrals. Starting around the beginning of September, celebrities, fellow designers, and magazine editors alike all flocked to Lincoln Center to admire the finished creations that designers had been slaving over for the past year.

Mark Jacobs was inspired by a feeling of comfort for his show this year from last year’s natural disasters interrupting the creation of his collection and flooding his home in New York. Jacobs’ collection featured jewel toned sequins that flowed with ease and showed that when under natural light he strategically and delicately incorporated them into the show. He also played with color perception as he dramatically shifted his show from a golden light, which masked the collection’s true hues to natural lighting.

For his collection, it was clear Thom Browne was channeling what fashion in an asylum might look like with his models donning bride of Frankenstein-esque hair and smeared makeup that appeared as if the joker had been commissioned to do it. Browne’s all white collection featured innovative uses of lace, rubber, and cut paper that can only be expected from the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year. His fresh aesthetics brought expected quirkiness to the runway given his background for theatrical and thought provoking collections. In contrast to the structured quality of Browne’s designs, the Marchesa runway showcased an array of elegant eveningwear with pretty floral and dramatic textures. Georgina Chapman, half of the design duo behind Marchesa said, “The whole idea here was taking different elements and braiding them together into one thing.” She also noted on the show’s serene feeling saying, “There's no corsetry and it's much more relaxed."

Marc Jacobs

Masters of innovation, Proenza Schouler impressed upon the runway artfully crafted pieces using both the graphic designs they are known for and tailored designs that showcased contrasting seams. Meanwhile at Michael Kors, the designer sent bold, solid colored floral down the runway paired with matching solid colored tops or bottoms. Along with beach-y vacation looks, the designer also sent down flowing business casual and daytime attire. Sadly, fashion week has come to a close, so it is likely that this will stop the population of New York from walking the streets of the city like it is their own personal runway.