New Year's Resolutions

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013
New Years Resolutions

Every year on December 31st, we gather with family and friends to celebrate the passing of yet another year. Whether you commemorate the occasion with loud music, delicious food, or by staying up to see the ball drop in Times’ Square, New Year’s Eve is always a memorable event. Another way that people commonly ring in the New Year is by making a New Year’s resolution. These resolutions, though they are from good intentions when they’re made, often don’t last too long. Just over two weeks have passed since the beginning of 2013, which means that some of our resolutions may be fading into the back of our minds. Since many members of the CHS community may be wavering in their commitments, now is the perfect time to revisit them and strengthen them.

Megan Buckley, a sophomore, has been pleasantly surprised by how well she’s kept to her resolutions. She picked three different resolutions in order to improve her life and make 2013 her best year yet. These pledges include being friendlier to her sisters, making healthier choices at meals and snacks, and avoiding procrastination. “I’m actually doing pretty well on all of them,” Megan says proudly, “even the procrastination part!” She revealed that her secret to staying on track is making herself daily reminders. She set her phone background as a list of her resolutions, so every time she opens it up, she remembers how she wants to develop a better relationship with her family, create healthier eating habits, and increase her productivity. Megan can see herself continuing to fulfill the promises she made at the beginning of the year, and hopefully the reminder in her phone will help “make my life a lot less stressful!”

A common goal of many New Year’s resolutions is self-improvement. However, some people go about doing this in nontraditional ways. Jane Donnabella, senior, said that her New Year’s resolution was to dance. “I love dancing and have lots of natural flow,” she remarked, “but I never find the opportunity to bust a move.” Since the beginning of 2013, Jane has played at least 2 hours of Just Dance 3 a week. Dancing has become a stress-reliever for her, and she reports feeling significantly more fit, happy, and energetic. More importantly, all this practicing means that Jane will be pulling out her dance moves in public now. Whether you’re at the grocery store, prom, or even in the hallways of CHS, keep your eyes peeled for Jane as she waltzes her way through 2013.
For those of us who have been having trouble remembering our commitments, hopefully these two dedicated students will inspire us to find our way back to our New Year’s resolutions and make sure that 2013 is an amazing year.