New Teachers at CHS

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

When summer began winding down and school was right around the corner, the CHS students looked at their finalized schedules. Many probably noticed teachers’ names that they had not heard before. This is because six new teachers joined the CHS faculty this year! So, The Chronicle decided to interview three of them to help students and staff get to know them better.


Ms. Crampton
Joining the school in the science department is Ms. Melanie Crampton, teaching Physics and Environmental Science. She grew up in Washington, New Jersey, and attended The College of New Jersey. Outside of school, Ms. Crampton likes to read, watch TV, and travel. Most recently, she has been to Italy (which she loved!) and plans to go to Scotland next summer. Before deciding to become a teacher, she had wanted to become a geneticist. However, after a bad experience with her high school biology teacher, she took a different route. A great physics teacher got her into physics tutoring where she discovered her love of teaching. Ms. Crampton loves her dog Zari, and even volunteers at The Seeing Eye.



Mr. Lee
We also have a new U.S. History teacher this year, Mr. Adam Agree. After growing up in Chester, New Jersey, he went to Montclair State University. Hiking, skiing, and playing board games, including Risk and Settlers of Catan (both with elements of social studies), are some of his favorite hobbies. Mr. Agree had always known he wanted to be a teacher especially since his father was also a teacher. He has a brother and a sister, and he has three cats and a dog. His favorite type of food is Italian, but he also enjoys both steak and bacon.




Ms. Lee

Teaching Algebra II and Geometry is new teacher Ms. Yungjoo Lee. She came to the U.S. from South Korea six years ago and attended NYU for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Before working as a teacher, she was an intern at the United Nations. Ms. Lee fully committed to teaching after loving a part-time teaching job as a junior in college. Her favorite pastimes are rock climbing and mountain biking. She has a younger sister and no pets.

Hopefully, now you know a little more about some of the new teachers and will say hi to them in the hallways. Welcome all new staff members!