New Teacher Spotlight (Part 2)

Monday, November 24th, 2014
Meet the Teachers
Adding to our language department, we have Ms. Tori Van Wie. A passionate German teacher, she found her love for languages first through French in high school. Now, she loves teaching German and seeing her students, especially higher-level ones, conquer challenges they never thought they could. She traveled across the world before she found her home here in the NJ/NYC area, living in Louisiana, Georgia, Paris, and Germany during her college experience. But now she loves the countryside here, as well as the accessibility to New York City. She is passionate for teaching, which she found her love for after realizing how important foreign language was to her. Lastly, she loves activities such as running, tennis, reading, working in her perennial garden, researching Native American jewelry, and above all, traveling!

Ms. Julianna Ryan marks another addition, this time in our technology department teaching Robotics, Website Design, and C.A.D.D. She has loved technology courses since high school, and went on to pursue an education in technology at T.C.N.J. to teach many levels, high school being her favorite. She originally thought she wanted to be an engineer, but teaching gave her a more interactive field, and she is very happy to be in it now! Although she has lived in New Jersey her entire life, she’s an avid traveler and studied abroad in Italy and Spain, and traveled to four of the seven continents. She loves to practice yoga, and says that the best part of the teaching experience is, “Giving students projects they may have never thought of before and watching the light bulbs go off!”

Mr. Hajdu is new to C.H.S., teaching computer science- his passion in the teaching area since leaving the software development field. He attended Rutgers University in his home state of New Jersey. His passion, besides computer science of course, is his one year old son whom he loves spending time with.  Teaching and seeing students enjoy themselves in computer science are great motivations for him as a teacher. He especially loves to see students involved and passionate.

Ms. Sernik is new to our science department at C.H.S., and teaches Environmental Science and Honors Biology. She didn’t fall in love with biology until the beginning of her college career, and that’s when she realized she wanted to teach the subject, specifically 9th graders. After graduating from Clarion University in Pennsylvania, she came to N.J. and says this move was one of the best decisions she’s made; she loves the area. Her favorite aspect of teaching is helping and watching students grow as people and scientists. She also enjoys reading, hiking, camping, spending time outdoors, and family which is very important to her.

Ms. Alexis Pravdiuk has joined our social studies department teaching AP Psychology and US History 1. She especially enjoys psychology, and loves teaching it to 11th and 12th graders who have an experienced approach to learning, but are also challenged with brand new material. She says there is nothing better or more satisfying to a teacher than when students are excited about the material they are learning. Her inspiration for becoming a teacher was her mom, who is a kindergarten teacher and has a different type of patience than herself that she admires a lot. She always enjoyed social studies in high school, and majored in psychology with a minor in history and dance at the University of Delaware. She came here from Philadelphia and is enjoying the Morris County area. Besides teaching, she loves yoga and dance classes, cooking, and of course, the all time favorite, watching Netflix.