New Teacher Spotlight (Part 1)

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
The beginning of the year marks a fresh start for everyone, but this year at our school we have some people taking this to a new level. The faculty here at CHS has grown this year, and there are plenty of new faces around the halls that some people may have as their teacher, or have never seen before and don’t even know their name. The Chronicle interviewed some of the new teachers at CHS so our students can get to know them, whether they have them as a teacher or not.

Joining our English staff this year we have Ms. Kristi Froisland. She’s a special education teacher with a concentration in English. She primarily teaches sophomores, which she enjoys and loves to see them get creative and interactive; it’s her favorite part of teaching. She says that, “creativity creates smiles and those smiles allow students to grow.” Her true passion for English began in high school when the comfort of her English teachers during a difficult time made her realize the power literature had to simplify life’s struggles. She continued to Kean University and is happy to now be at Chatham doing what she loves! In her free time she also volunteers at a rescue organization, helping animals in need.

We also have Ms. Kousoulis, teaching AP Psychology, Honors US History 1 and Sociology. She found her love for the social sciences in high school and considers herself lucky to get to continue dealing with them now. She went on to Rutgers to pursue her degree, staying in her home state of New Jersey. She enjoys teaching at the high school level because of engaging discussions and higher level thinking, and she also enjoys the same aspect of teaching as Ms. Froisland- the creative and interactive aspects. In her free time she likes lots of outdoor activities like hiking and camping, and spending time with her friends, family and dog.

Ms. Uhler is another new face to CHS this year, as she teaches Concert Choir, Chatham Voices, Select Choir, Piano Lab, and Music Tech down at CMS. Born and raised in Chatham herself, she’s back home after briefly living in Texas, and happy to be teaching in the same rooms she fell in love with music in. She especially loves teaching high school students. She realized this after she took over a teaching job her senior year in college. After seeing that she loved it and realized this was what she wanted to do, she went on to get certified to be a permanent teacher. She went to Seton Hall University and now loves the experience of sharing her passion of music with kids who love it too. Besides music, her other passion is her family- her husband and two kids Bill and Madelyn.

Stay tuned for more New Teacher Spotlight!