New Rules At CHS

Friday, October 2nd, 2015
This year the administration has implemented new rules in regard to occupying the library before school and during lunch. For those who are unaware of the changes the new rules are as follows:

-Library capacity max out at 100 people at any time

-Library does not allow any new entrances after 7:20 (before school)

-Library does not allow any new entrances after 11:25 (lunch)

These new rules have brought notable change in the dynamic of the school as the library was a popular destination to spend the last few minutes before the bell. However, safety and fire codes were commonly broken during these times as the influx of last-minute arrivals was at times uncontrollable.

One complaint about these changes is the new crowds of displaced students that form in the lobby. One senior student, when asked about the changes, said “I doubt the new crowds in the lobby abide by the fire code. It seems that there are just too many kids and not enough places to go.” This brings up the underlying issue of overpopulation that CHS is facing. While there have been many new additions and propositions for the overpopulation crisis, it is evident that students are starting to see the effects now. One solution that has been in place since the library changes is the opening of A134. This room is open when the library shuts its doors to new enterers and has computers and printers available for use. Also, other technology rooms such A119 and the World Language Lab are available for computer and printer use during most lunches.

Students should make sure to try to use these resource rooms when inconvenienced by the rule changes.