New Opportunities for ChaSwim

Monday, November 28th, 2016
The Chatham swim team is looking forward to yet another successful season. Notorious for consistent wins, Chaswim is currently practicing diligently and looking forward to their first meet, according to senior captain Tyler Botsford. Both the boys and girls teams had impressive records last year, with the boys winning their section and the girls losing only one meet. Of course, this one loss was the end of a five-year undefeated streak.


“This was really hard for the team,” commented junior Nicole Tingley, “especially the seniors since it was their last meet.” While this was understandably an irritating obstacle to overcome, the girls handled their loss with pride.


“It really brought us closer together and gave us more drive to do our best in the upcoming seasons,” Tingley adds. Sophomore Sarah Devlin wholeheartedly agrees, saying that the team kept in mind that they did have an 103 meet winning streak, which is “beyond amazing”.


The courage and unity shown by the team after their loss is a perfect example of the sense of family at Chaswim. Tingley notes that “Coach D always says, ‘This team is a family.’ ” Botsford emphasizes this, remarking that this kinship is the best part of Chaswim.


“There is never a rift between grades. Everyone gets along, and we make the most of our season while we’re in it,” he says.


Botsford is looking to sustain the boys’ success of last year by winning another sectional title. While the girls’ team tends to get the spotlight, the boys are just as talented. He acknowledges the loss of many strong swimmers who graduated, but highlights that younger members of the team, especially freshmen, have stepped up and shown what they’re capable of bringing to the pool. “I’m incredibly excited for this season to get underway,” he concludes.


Overall, all Chatham swimmers are excited delve into the camaraderie of the team while having high hopes for infinite possibilities the new season brings. Good luck to all cougar swimmers this season!