New Drop-Off Pattern

Monday, November 20th, 2017


drop-off pattern
Students who are dropped off at school in the morning were recently greeted by an interesting surprise-- a row of cones in the left lane, just past the teacher entrance that encourage drivers to merge into one lane.

“Every year we’ve had difficulty with the morning drop off,” said vice principal Lori Gironda. The difficulty has stemmed from a mix of drivers pulling up to the main doors instead of the student entrance, drivers switching from the left lane to the right, and seniors from the front parking lot crossing the driveway that were altogether “really creating an unsafe situation.”

Administrators knew they had to try something different, in order to keep students, faculty, and drivers safe, as well as to try and minimize the traffic buildup on surrounding streets.

Having drivers merge into one lane early on in the traffic decreases the likelihood of an accident by minimizing lane switching. Additionally, there are signs along the driveway encouraging drivers to “keep going,” and for about a week after implementing the new cones, administrators stood outside the school directing traffic.

Principal Darren Groh has also contacted the police in the interest of performing a traffic study, which could lead to future changes.

For now, Gironda notes that one of the continuing issues is the compliance of drivers: “If one person decides to stop, everyone behind them will unload their car too. It really just takes one person to disrupt the works.”

Gironda encourages all students and drivers to “be considerate and follow the rules” as it really can affect everyone else’s mornings.