The New Chromebooks

Monday, October 30th, 2017
“Ugh… they are so annoying” is sadly the main phrase I have heard from a lot of people when talking about the chromebooks.

A lot of the high schoolers are not in favor of them because they already have their preferred computers at home. Many say, including me, that they got their computers specifically for high school and the workload that comes with it. Chromebooks are another responsibility they have to take care of and fit in their backpacks.Do not get anyone started on the safety search. No one can even look up their favorite songs on YouTube! Forget about listening to music while working.

There are so many cons, but of course, each con has its pros, and it's important to stay positive… After all, it is only October, and we have the rest of the year with these computers and if you are not a senior, a few more.

Bringing the chromebooks back and forth is just another thing added to the list of responsibilities. They also take up space; however, they are nice and small despite their width, and now everyone has a computer. There is no worry about whether or not a teacher has the chromebook cart.

The safety search prohibits many websites that are used by CHS Students on a daily basis, but it is very useful for research. It automatically knocks out any useless, unreliable websites. So keep in mind that if you are doing a project, it will probably take less time using your chromebook.

Overall, it is important that we all stay positive because there is no escaping these things, and the middle schoolers have been dealing with these a year longer than we have. Plus, it isn’t like we can’t use our regular computers at home. Just blast Spotify on another device and work on your chromebooks while you research.