NAHS: Haunted Hallway

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015


Haunted Hallway photo
Halloween is a day full of costumes, candy, and of course, being scared.  Haunted Hallway at Chatham High School was no exception.  It was held Friday, October 30th in the L-wing.  Haunted Hallway was organized by the National Art Honor Society, and much planning and preparation was needed in order to pull off such an event.  Costumes, decorations, and actors were all essential in making Haunted Hallway a success.


Visitors started this haunted experience by waiting for their costumed tour guide to lead them to the spooky hallway.  Halloween-themed snacks were sold in the lobby.  Each group stepped on the elevator and was greeted by a mysterious elevator attendant.  Downstairs, there was a mad scientist’s room where a dead body lay on the table, and groups were invited to reach in to feel its brain, heart, and guts.  It was very frightening.  There was a zombie graveyard where the zombies jumped up to scare anyone brave enough to walk through.  Many people found it the scariest room.  A room full of creepy dolls was another part of this ghastly hallway.  The dolls’ costumes were very realistic and definitely eerie.  The final room had a Ouija board where people could ask questions and receive answers from the spirits of the afterlife.  After this room, groups were led out the doors, having survived the Haunted Hallway.

It was a scary yet fun experience that definitely went with the spirit of Halloween.  Next year, if you and your friends are looking for something to do and enjoy getting scared, come to the National Art Honor Society’s Haunted Hallway…if you dare!