Movie Review

Going Clear- Revealing the story of Scientology
Thursday, April 9th, 2015
Many movies set out to make the audience feel something unique or special. A newly released movie that surely intended, and succeeded, to do this was Going Clear- a documentary about former Scientology members who reveal hidden secrets and jaw-dropping facts about their former religion.
Going Clear

The documentary is guided chronologically, starting with interviews of people who were around at the inception of the movement and finishing all the way into the present with information about current celebrities involved with the church. Scientology is a very taboo topic in today’s pop culture and this documentary goes into the depths of it, revealing it and helping others understand it like no Wikipedia page or googled source has been able to do before. With the help of real members who share the disasters of the cult-like group, the movie reveals raw moments and horrible scenarios that leave the audience members in disbelief.

It chronicles all of the things people want to know like what exactly is Scientology? Is it a religion? Is it a cult? What do they actually believe? The movie does an amazing job of answering all of these questions. Most members of the church do not actually understand much of what the religion believes until they are well into the depth of the church-meaning they are only highly involved or an official once they get the opportunity to read the church’s belief on creation, other worlds, etc. But in this movie, past members reveal things most do not know, or were not allowed to know, so that people uninvolved in the church can see how manipulative it can be. So if someone finds any part of the religion itself interesting, this movie will surely answer all possible questions.

Even if one does not take a particular interest in the religion, the movie functions as almost a mystery or action film because the audience is always waiting to see what comes next. Ex-members reveal how they got pulled into the religion and the shocking things they faced while apart of it, and viewers are on the edge of the seat rooting for them to find clarity and leave the church. All people in the movie eventually do divulge how they left the church, and people watching were desperately waiting for it.

Another reason people could be interested in it is the pop culture presence scientology currently has. High profile members of the church like John Travolta and Tom Cruise are sometimes outspoken in their belief. Some members interviewed claim to have known them during their time in the church and tell stories about encounters with them and their role in Scientology. It is very interesting to see these actors in a different light and uncover unknown facts about them.

In the end, I know that documentaries are not often people’s first choice when thinking of a movie to watch late at night. However, I assure readers that this is no boring, factual string of stories put together. This is a clear, astounding, and beyond interesting piece of film that will make all viewers leave the movie feeling just as filmmakers intend- shocked and enlightened.