Model UN Trip

Monday, March 25th, 2019


model UN
From February 7-10, 25 students went on the 4 day, 3 night, Model UN Trip at Johns Hopkins University (JHUMUNC). Complete with about 21 total hours of conferences, midnight crises, day trips, and the delegate dance, the experience was far from ordinary. Students stayed at and attended conferences at the extensive Hilton Baltimore, a fast paced and professional environment. For many participants, the best part of the conference was meeting students from across the United States (some international) and creating lasting friendships.

Here is what club advisors, Ms. Kielblock and Ms. Walters have to say about the club:

1. How long has the school attended Model UN conferences in the past? Especially JHUMUNC?

The school has attended both Model Congress and Model UN for at least a few decades.  JHUMUNC was added to our list more recently, sometime around 2014 or 15,

2. What was your overall opinion on how the event was run? Was it organized?

Although we had a lot of additional forms to fill out this year, we found Model UN at JHUMUNC to be extremely well run and organized!  Our Model UN students were able to participate in high caliber committees tackling a variety of issues that gave them valuable international relations experience.

3. What is the difference between Model Congress and Model UN? Will the school continue to rotate between the two?

Model Congress gives students a change to engage in a role-playing simulation of the United States Congress, typically focusing on domestic issues or foreign policy from an American perspective.  Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations that focuses more on international relations and diplomacy. Traditionally, the club has rotated between Model Congress and Model UN, rarely doing one for more than two years in a row.  However, we definitely value feedback and gauge interest from our students as to whether they would like to participate in one or the other.

4. Will the club soon expand to more conferences?

It’s not clear right now.  It is up for discussion, but there are a variety of factors at play.  It would depend upon whether students are able to make a greater time commitment for Model Congress/Model UN, how financing would work, advisor time commitments & responsibilities, etc.

5. What do you look for in potential students for the club?

First and foremost, we look for students who show genuine interest in government and politics, international relations and diplomacy!  Students who are interested in this club need to commit to attending all of our meetings and the conference. They also need to be willing to put in the time and effort needed to do research and write position papers.

6. What do you hope the students who attended will take from the experience?

We hope that students learned more about international relations, how the United Nations work, and how to engage in diplomacy with other nations.  Many students feel a sense of accomplishment getting resolutions passed and form a sense of camaraderie and friendship in their committees. Lastly, we hope that students had fun on Model UN and formed positive memories they can look back on.

7. What is the overall message that Model UN conveys?

Model UN is really trying to engage students in speaking, writing, debating and critical thinking.  We also feel that Model UN also teaches teamwork and compromise which are particularly important. Best of all, these things can be accomplished in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere!


Interested in joining? Stay updated next September for information to apply!