March Madness: The Aftermath

Friday, April 10th, 2015
March Madness
It's that time of the year again, time for the infamous March Madness. A time filled with triumph and misery. Each year, people fill out their brackets with hopes of near perfection, though as the tournament begins and ends, people's high hopes often fall into disappointment. However, in very lucky cases, people are actually somewhat happy with how their brackets turned out. Though there were no notable Cinderella stories, this year's tournament was still one for the books.

Many games came down to the final few minutes, and there were a few notable upsets throughout the tournament. There were many notable upsets in the second round, two being a third and fourteenth seed matchup which were Baylor (3) versus Georgia State (14) and Iowa State (3) versus UAB (14).

The Midwest had no upsets the second round, but the second seed, Kansas, fell in the third round to Wichita State. Comparatively, the West was filled with upsets, with both Villanova and Virginia losing in the third round. Michigan State, a seventh seed, made it to the Final Four and was the only team of the four to not be a first seed.

Throughout all the close games seen in this tournament, there was one that had everyone biting their nails in the final minutes. Most people knew that the Final Four game, Kentucky vs. Wisconsin, was going to be a close game, but most were sure that Kentucky would continue their undefeated record to the National Championship. It was back and forth the entire game, but Wisconsin came up with a secure lead in the final minutes, ending with a score of 71-64. The game was also seen as revenge for last year when Kentucky beat Wisconsin in the Final Four.

This leaves Duke and Wisconsin in the National Championship. It was a tough matchup to begin with, and like the Wisconsin and Kentucky game, everyone knew it was going to be close. One of the most prominent calls unofficially decided the outcome in the final two minutes of the game. Wisconsin's Bronson Koeing missed a layup and it went out of bounds, which would normally make it the other team's ball. Yet, in this call, there was controversy that as the ball went out, it grazed Duke's Justise Winslow's fingertips. Although many agree that it should have been Wisconsin's ball, it went to Duke and in the final minutes, they brought up their lead to a 68-63 win making Duke the 2015 National Champions.