Intramural Basketball Season Begins

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

As the winter break approaches closer and closer, the intramural basketball program approaches as well. What is the intramural basketball program? It is a school basketball league that many students at CHS participate in.

The intramural basketball program gives students the opportunity to play competitive basketball games on teams with or against their friends. The games are all scheduled to be played at the middle school after school is over. The past few years the intramural basketball program has become quite popular throughout the school.

Mr. Ascolese, who runs the intramural program at the high school, believes that the program is good for the school. “Intramurals are good for our school because they provide an outlet for exercise and competitiveness,” Mr. Ascolese explains. “Even if you are not in a varsity program at the high school, intramural is very competitive and you can still have fun while playing.” Moreover, Mr. Ascolese keeps track of scores and records of all the games. “I release Power Rankings, Overall Standings, and Players of the Week,” Mr. Ascolese adds. “The students who participate in intramurals really look forward to that.”

The intramural basketball program is a great way to get involved in school activities. Kyle Hopkins, a junior who has been an active participate for the intramural program, says, “Intermural is great because you get to play competitive basketball games with your friends or other people." Kyle adds, “We play games for fun so we don’t take the games too seriously but at the same time we all want to win.” He also said, “Even if you are not with your friends you get the chance to interact with people and make new friends with your teammates.”

The program has grown significantly larger from last year. Roughly 40 students participated last year in the league while this year the participants have grown to about 70. The intramural basketball league begins in January and runs through February. The games are roughly 30 minutes each and are held after school at the middle school during the week. If interested in joining, the intramural basketball forms can be obtained through Mrs. Pace in the nurse’s office. Once the forms are completed, they can be returned to Mr. Librera in the athletics office.