Homecoming Spotlight

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

CHS Chronicle: How have your senior years at CHS been going so far?

Alex Stuart: So far, senior year has definitely been the best year of high school. I feel like all the grades and tests I took over the past years are all beginning to have some value.

Rashida Haye: My senior year so far has been awesome! My classes aren't too bad and the volleyball season has been really successful. We won our senior night game, so that's really made everything extra memorable.

CHS Homecoming King and Queen 2015


CHS Chronicle: How has the college application process been?

AS:It's certainly a long process, but I'm almost ready to submit most of my applications. Applying as a music related major, I have to audition at the colleges, as well. So I won't be completely done until maybe January, but I'm taking it one step at a time.

RH: The college process for me has not been as overwhelming as I always imagined it would be. In the beginning, the hardest part was finding a few schools that fit my interests academically and socially, but after that, writing the essays was pretty time consuming. Luckily, I'm almost done, so I'll feel a bit more relieved once everything is out of my hands. Overall though, I'm not feeling extremely stressed out so that's really good.

CHS Chronicle: Do you have any words of wisdom for sophomores or juniors waiting to begin College Process?

AS: I would recommend everyone to start as early as possible, even if they think it's too early. It takes a lot of time to really research a school and see what stands out for you. Attending college, or anything after high school, will be a big step to take, so you want to have the biggest advantage going into it.

RH: My words of advice would be to go through this process at your own pace. There's going to be a point when all people want to talk about is college-this and college-that and where are you applying and blah blah blah. Don't let this process become a major stressor in your life. You will be fine. Go at your own pace, and don't wait until the last minute.

CHS Chronicle: How do get involved in the CHS community with extra-curricular?

AS: I enjoy most of the music oriented programs CHS has to offer. I've been in the marching band since freshman year, I played in the pit for the musical, I performed in CPAC and the Poetry Festival, and I love the jazz band. I also acted in the musical with one line, and it was still fun just because of all my friends who had one line, too. Other activities like Chess Club, Book Club, and the Big Brothers Big Sisters program are all enjoyable if I have some good friends to enjoy it with. It's best just to try something you think you might be interested in, because there's usually no pressure, and you can make a lot of friends.

RH: I'm involved at CHS through music, athletics, and clubs. I've been playing the viola since 3rd grade and I've taken part in orchestra all four years at CHS. I sometimes accompany some of pieces on piano as well. I am a three season athlete - volleyball, winter track, and spring track. Some of my favorite memories are from times at practice or meets just hanging out with my friends. SADD/TATU, French Club, and Science League are the main clubs in which I participate.

CHS Chronicle: What is one piece of advice you would give to the freshman they begin their journeys through CHS?

AS: I remember when I was a freshman, I thought I really had to be a perfect, all-around student/athlete/volunteer. I tried basketball in the winter and tennis in the spring because if I wanted to go into a "good" college I had to show that I could do anything, and do it well. I pressured myself and stressed out too much over grades and if the classes I took would make someone think I was smart. My advice is to focus on things you know you enjoy, and do them well. The best motivation for any sport, band, or club is the enjoyment. Personally, I didn't enjoy going to tennis or basketball practice every day when in a few years, I wouldn't even remember how to master a backhand or a free throw. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't try anything new, because you could find something even better, or meet new friends along the way. Just have an open mind, and don't compare yourself to others, meaning if all your friends do something, it doesn't mean you are fit to do that, too.

RH: Don't be afraid to do something that you've never done before. Chances are, you'll make new friends and find something new that you enjoy.

CHS Chronicle: Describe yourself in 3 words

AS: A simple man.

RH: Loyal, Well-rounded, Genuine

CHS Chronicle: What teacher has made the biggest impression on you throughout your 4 years here at the High School?

AS: The only teacher I have had classes with for my entire four years in high school is my band teacher, Mr. Conti. He has really changed me by just reminding me to keep getting better. I've learned that he really does a lot more than most students see, while staying in the band room at the other side of the school. He is also the director of the marching band and jazz band, where I spend even more time with him. At band camp the week before freshman year, he was the first teacher I saw, and I realized how motivated he was to just get a marching band to stay in step. His mindset of always having room for improvement is what really makes a difference for people to see.

RH: Of all my teachers, I would say that Mr. Deloatch has made the biggest impression on me. I've never really had a teacher who teaches that way he does. The discussions we have in class really force you to think differently and take a look at all perspectives. He taught me that the most important thing is to always ask questions and not simply accept everything as is.

CHS Chronicle: What was your reaction when you heard each of your names announced as Chatham High School’s Homecoming King and Queen?

AS: Honestly, I was the most nervous I had ever been in my life. I could not imagine a whole gym full of students, I either know or don't know, cheering for just me as an individual. I can't even comprehend that I had the most votes out of all the amazing and talented people I was with, so I really want to thank everyone that voted for me. Maybe someone voted for me because I said one nice thing to them or someone thought I was a person to look up to, so, for that reason, I'm really happy that one instance made you happy.

RH: When I heard my name announced at Homecoming, I couldn't stop smiling even it I tried! My face and cheeks hurt so much from it all. Being up there under the lights and hearing everybody screaming and cheering for me was one of the greatest feelings. I was so surprised and so happy at the same time, and that was a night that I will absolutely never forget. :)