Homecoming 2012

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Homecoming is a tradition at Chatham High School that has many students jittery with excitement and as the event draws nearer, the anticipation rises. Traditionally, Homecoming was a custom in universities in which the alumni would return to their alma maters for activities such as sports games and parades. The alumni would greet old friends and join together once again and the festivities would end later on with a dance. Like Chatham High School, one tradition of homecoming week was dress up days, or spirit days.

Here in Chatham, Homecoming is seen by many underclassmen as a big event due to the fact that they do not have prom or another dance to attend that year. Girls, search endlessly for that one dress that stands out among the rest and a perfect pair of shoes to match. Homecoming King and Queen are a tradition at Chatham High School and the candidates this year include Michael Hosbein, Brian Oliver, Christopher Peters, Robert Weber, Seah McHugh, and Jeremy Olshvang for King, and Jane Donabella, Mary Kate O’Neill, Megan Gesell, Nina Krill, Chelsea Davis, and Julia Edgar for Queen.

For last year’s Homecoming, the theme was a carnival, while this year’s is a beach! Hopefully, the turnout will be just as good, to make it another memorable night.