Hockey Public B Championship

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


As pumped fans, a fierce rivalry, and excitement filled the Prudential Center on March 9th, the Public B Championship between Chatham and Morristown was about to begin. USA cladding Cougars fans filled the student sections in flags, patriotic décor, and meme suits. The high-energy fans set the stage for a thrilling game.


The game began with end-to-end action for the first period as Chatham out shot Morristown 10-6, but no goals were netted.  In the second period, Morristown took two penalties, but the Morristown Colonials still kept the game tied at zero.  They had their chance to redeem themselves after Chatham took a boarding penalty, but Morristown did not manage to, especially with Chatham’s goalie CJ Albanese. There were no goals for the first two periods, leaving fans on the edge of their seats for the third period.

Then, at the beginning of the last period, Chatham pulled through as Brett Montgomery scored and gave the Cougars a lead. Next, Brian Leonard scored a shorthanded goal, pushing Chatham up to a 2-0 lead. Colby Collier proceeded to score an empty net goal towards the end of the third period, making it 3-0. When the buzzer sounded, the crowd went wild. The Chatham Ice Hockey team ecstatically jumped into a pile, as they became State Champs! GO COUGARS!