High School from a Freshman's Perspective

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018


For one thing, it’s nothing like
High School Musical.

While I can’t say that the change from middle school to high school is comparable to leaving for college (I still have to ask my parents for permission before going anywhere), several freshmen like myself have noticed the increase in freedom such as being allowed to keep our phones out during the school day. Second, being able to leave the cafeteria any number of times in one lunch period without having to sign out is a privilege. Many of us are looking forward to leaving lunch altogether on open campus senior year.

On the topic of lunch, the flexibility and variety of lunch spots are beneficial as many students have lab or club meetings. Although I’ve never tested the fact that freshmen do not sit in the cafeteria (and I don’t intend to anytime soon), all grades having lunch at the same time is not as unusual as having classes with students in other grades. Thankfully, they haven’t been entirely aloof, although I recall many muttering the words “freshman” during the first few days of school as we struggled to find our way around and crowded the hallways. Often, in the hallway, I’ll find myself between a senior worrying about college applications, towering over me, and a freshman worrying about not getting a 90 on their first biology test, still half my height. Overall, I’m sure this is just practice for the workforce where one will have to work with people of all ages from all backgrounds.

Unfortunately, the increase in freedom comes with an increase in work. Some of us have found ourselves sitting in the library for more hours in one day than we had ever before.

So no, I haven’t seen a stereotypical cheerleader or witnessed a sudden burst of impromptu singing in the cafeteria, but I’m sure my experience at Chatham High will be just as memorable.