Hidden Talents of CHS’ Finest Revealed at PULP’S Annual Poetry Festival

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

As late December nears in Chatham High School, the holiday spirit completely takes over. During this season, playing Mariah Carey’s legendary holiday anthem is completely acceptable as is donning a holiday onesie or delightfully ugly sweater. Students dread the frigid 30-second walk into the building each morning and the inevitable piles of work their frazzled teachers will assign before the break. Luckily, some much needed relief from the hustle and bustle of the hectic holiday season is provided by PULP through their annual Poetry Festival.

CHS Auditorium

CHS Auditorium, where the Poetry Festival is held each year

Taking place on Friday December 18, the Poetry Festival is an exciting event that showcases the diverse talents of CHS students. “ I look forward to it every year. It was very fun and a great way gain stage experience in a comfortable environment,” said junior Kate Drury, who flexed her pipes to Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” with the acoustic talents of senior Steven Bondurich. During blocks four, five, and six in the auditorium students of all grades come to relax and enlighten their poetic side through the immense talents of their classmates. This year’s Festival proved to be the best yet, with teachers having to reserve spots for their eager students up to weeks in advance. Original works of poetry were read by budding Robert Frost’s and Emily Dickinson’s. “No Strings Attached”, CHS’s own Barden Bellas’, were as usual “aca-amazing” with their fantastic performance of “Hold My Hand”. In addition to NSA, groups such as the Select Choir, Voices, Weather the Underdog, and several duets performed incredible original scores and covers of beloved songs of the past and present. However, what made this year truly special was the plethora of unique acts that had yet to be showcased in previous years. Of the unique acts featured, highlights included a dynamic interpretive dance crew and a powerful lip-syncing duo to Adele’s tear-jerking “Hello”. Students left not only entertained, but with a brand new image of their incredibly talented classmates. “The Poetry Festival is always eye opening to me because I notice how much hidden talent is in our school coming from students you may not expect,” states Drury. With this year’s Festivals tremendous success among the student body and staff, next year will surely entail an even more enlightening and enjoyable production.