Guitar Club

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

This school year many CHS students have reached out to start their own clubs for activities that interest them and peers of all ages around the school. Any student can start a club, but it comes down to a few factors to get approved: What the club is and how it benefits students in the school, what the plan and overall goal is of the club and whether or not you have a faculty advisor of the club. Recently added to CHS’s long list of clubs is Guitar Club.

“Guitar Club is a new club dedicated to guitar music and playing,” Eric Britt (co-founder) said, “It is about learning to play, listen and enjoy guitar music across all genres.” Players can make new friends, learn new techniques, and expand their musical talents.” The club not only invites guitarists, but musicians of all kinds to come and “jam” together.

Co-founder Edison Moy said, “I wanted to create the club to eventually create a musical community where guitarists and enthusiasts alike can collaborate, teach, learn, jam and overall further there guitar interests.” The actual playing aspect is a big part of the club and it allows people to create new ideas and learn new things that they haven’t before but another big aspect of the club is the music that inspired all of these guitarists to have an interest in playing. Nobody’s music choice and inspirations are the same which is why guitar club is so unique. It allows for fellow guitarists to collaborate on there own music choices and inspirations to develops their own playing style and abilities.

One of the biggest things to know about Guitar club is that you don’t have to know how to play to be in the club. Students of any skill levels can join (never touched a guitar to expert). Those who are new to guitar can try it out with the guitars we have at the club, or just enjoy the communal atmosphere. Those already skilled in guitar can show off their skills and teach others techniques and any additional tricks of trade.”

The club is a great way for students to get in touch with others who have the same sort of musical interests. Guitar Club does not entail any true serious skill or knowledge of music. It is simply just a few guitar/overall music enthusiasts meeting up and sharing their enthusiasm with one another. Watch out for Guitar Club making their first annual debut at CHS’s poetry festival this year!