A Great Season for Girl's Tennis

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Anyone part of a CHS sport knows about the unforgettable memories that are created during the season. For girls tennis, the bond between the girls and their coach could not have been stronger this year.

Girls Tennis
As a freshman on varsity, I have the inside story. At tryouts, I knew no one else besides the other freshmen. The seniors and juniors seemed older and intimidating, and since they had been in the high school for so much longer, they already had a bunch of friends. However as soon as the first week was done, we knew almost everybody’s names, and felt very welcomed by the upperclassmen. They were exciting, funny, and made the air feel so much more relaxed, an environment I loved being a part of.

Not only did the team’s bond begin to grow, so did our success. We swept our first week of matches like no other! When our downfalls came, we were there for each other. We learned how to support each other and bring our spirits up. No one was left unhappy by the end of the day.

Because of the great effort by the entire team, we ended up with a ranking fifth in our section, two rankings higher than last season. Just like our great success this season, the pasta parties, “groufits” from Coach Cai, and unforgettable jokes will always be in my memories.