Girl Shot by Taliban

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Growing up in such an accepting and encouraging community, the most recent actions of the Taliban are horrifying. Malala Yousufazi is a teenage Pakistani Taliban activist. This fourteen-year-old girl promotes girls’ education and criticizes the militant group’s behavior when they took over the region where she lives. When she was returning home from school in Pakistan’s northwest, the Taliban stopped her car and shot her in the head. “I do not think twice about womens’ equality to men, and tragedies like this really show how the world has not accepted this yet,” comments Chatham High School student Emma Franklin.

The Taliban targeted Malala for her “Western thinking” and have threatened to target her again until she is killed because her beliefs threaten their strict regime. Security measures will be taken to protect Malala against these threats. “I hope the police bring Malala justice by working harder to fight against the Taliban and their allies,” responds Chatham High School senior Tara LaCorte.

She is being treated in the nation’s capital of Islamabad. She suffered brain damage and is under fluctuating levels of sedation, but her condition is stable. Doctors predict a steady recovery and she has gone to the UK to receive specialized medical care. The Pakistan ambassador visited her throughout her journey to the UK. She was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in central England. This is also the home to the Royal Center for Defense Medicine, according to the British Prime Minister. This Center is where primary care for military casualties occurs.

The attacks occurred on a relatively busy street but no witnesses have come forward. Nonetheless, the girl students that Malala protested for are in school. Their parents admit to being frightened by the attacks but are resilient against intimidation. The reactions to the attack are on an even grander scale. Pakistanis have held rallies, consisting of hundreds, of people for Malala throughout the country.  Chatham High School Senior Claire Seefried lauds, “Malala was so brave to stand up for young girls despite the capabilities of the Taliban.” Rachael Ratner further comments, “I cannot believe the Taliban felt so threatened by Malala that they felt the need to kill this amazing fourteen-year-old girl.” Malala Yousufazi proves to be an inspiration for individuals across the globe to fight for his or her dreams no matter what barriers may stand in the way.


Girl Shot by Taliban