German Exchange Students at CHS

Thursday, October 27th, 2016
german students
Guten Tag! On Friday, October 7th, nine German exchange students arrived in Chatham, ready to spend two weeks participating in a wide variety of activities showcasing American culture. The students, three boys and six girls, stayed with host families of CHS German students. They came from the Humboldt School in Wiesbaden, Germany, and were chosen based on their character and their strong proficiency in the English language.

While in America, the exchange students were able to experience Cougar Weekend. They also went apple-picking in Oldwick, New Jersey, and visited West Point in New York with Frau Van Wie. On an especially fun trip, the students traveled to Lower Manhattan, walked along the High Line, and toured Soho.

Inside CHS, the students shadowed their hosts, sitting in on their classes to gain the perspective of what an American classroom is like. They were also able to take part in German club meetings, including a sampling of classic American junk food, and were responsible for giving a presentation on a cultural topic during their time here. Simultaneously, the host students were able to learn more about the German language and culture.

Since their visit was a beneficial experience for the exchange students, their hosts, and the other CHS students that interacted with them, it is certain that their day of departure on October 21st was sad. However, they were able to leave happily, knowing they have learned a great deal. CHS looks forward to the coming of more exchange students.