Freshmen Spotlight

Annie Leverich
Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
Freshman year is without a doubt a tough transition year of high school. Whether it’s navigating through a new school, or your first pre-season workout, it can be a challenge. But, with that awful full year of Health class eliminated freshman might be a bit brighter for the class of 2019. Here, we get an inside look by freshman field hockey player Annie Leverich.

1. How did you feel in the days leading up to your first day of high school?

I felt a little nervous because I didn’t want to walk around school with kids who had beards!! But I was really excited because I heard that you get a lot more freedom in the high school.

2. What is your impression of the high school so far?

I love the high school! Being able to hold my phone, carry my backpack, and have much more freedom than I did at the middle school is awesome. It’s still a little scary walking through the Vortex and seeing senior boys with mustaches and beards, but I do really like it.

3. Do you think playing varsity field hockey helped you transition into high school?

Yes, playing on the varsity tam definitely helped me out. This is because I made so many friends with upper-classmen; it’s great seeing them in the hallway and saying hi! It’s also a great experience playing on a team with such nice and talented people

4. What is your favorite and least favorite part of CHS so far?

My favorite part is definitely being on varsity for field hockey. I have made friends with all of the girls on the team, which is so cool because they are all upper-classmen! And my least favorite part is probably the Vortex. I mean the high school really isn’t bad, but if there were one thing I would change it would be the Vortex.

5. How does it feel to currently be a freshman on the varsity field hockey team?

At first, before the season really began, I was so nervous to be on the team. I wasn’t great friends with anyone and everyone on the team was so good. However, now I love it because I’ve become so close with everyone and am starting to become a better player. It’s also really cool that I’m the only freshman on the team!

6. Describe yourself in two words.

Funny and loud.

7. Why do you think these words suit you so well?

When I meet someone for the first time I’m not really shy, I’m always the one to say something really funny and I’m never quiet!

8. Lastly, the Vortex. What's your opinion of it, uncensored?

Haha, wow I didn’t even realize there was going to be a question about the Vortex and I’ve been talking about it so badly this entire time. Well even though I said if I could change something about the high school it would be the Vortex, that’s not all true. The Vortex is only bad during certain hours and when it is crowded it only takes ten seconds to get through it. So really it’s not that big of a deal.