Freshman Pro/Con

Sunday, October 13th, 2013
Back to school

September is known as back to school month. For the freshman class, it is a time for adjustment. The high school has a completely different system than the middle school, and it is especially hard for anyone new this year.

The main notable difference is the amount of responsibility the students get. In the middle school, you were considered responsible if you brought a pencil to class. However, at the high school, there is a lot more freedom. Jaylen Haye, a freshman, comments that, “the CHS staff trusts us a lot more than the teachers at the middle school. At CMS, it was really restricting… they were monitoring your every movement.” Mrs. Avery, a history teacher, responded to the subject by saying that, “I think they have an increase in responsibility, but that is a good thing because it prepares them for life, as there are no restrictions. It is beneficial for everyone.” Even though it is clear that freshmen take on a large amount of responsibility compared to what was given in CMS, many students have become accustomed to these changes. In regards to responding to these challenges, Mrs. Avery remarks, “So far, I’m impressed. The students picked up on the rotation schedule faster than I did! Obviously, it has taken time for them to adjust, but they are doing well.”

Another big change is the lunch schedule. Haye states that he likes how long it is. “it give us students a longer time to socialize with friends, (and) it allows us to get homework done as well.” Sarah Gotfredsen, another freshman, disagrees. Coming from a school from Denmark, she states that, ”(lunch is) way too long and too early! I would rather cut 30 min of my lunch break, and get off 30 min earlier.” However, Mrs. Avery advises freshmen to, “Use your time wisely. Obviously, you need time to relax, but try to use the extra time for clubs, going to the library, and asking teachers for help.” Making the most of your lunch period can help freshmen to transition into their new schedules and to make the most of the time that they have.

CHS also offers many clubs, sports and other activities throughout the year that were were not offered at CMS.  “CHS seems to have a large selection of clubs,” Haye states. “This is good because it allows kids to express themselves in different ways and meet new people.” As the students and the staff know, the high school relies heavily on technology, such as First Class, moodle, google apps, and more. Gotfredsen loves the way the school runs on technology. “Doing it electronically makes it so much easier to check your homework, ask questions and so on,” she comments. Haye disagrees, “The only thing that annoys me about CHS relying on technology is the teachers posting homework after school hours. Usually, I have already left school by then with a few books and the newly assigned homework only makes things more frustrating.”

All in all, students are adjusting well at CHS. Mrs. Avery advises that if you are still struggling, you should talk to an upperclassman, a PAWS leader, a teacher or a school counselor. “The quicker you resolve your problem the better. There are other kids like you, so don’t hesitate to ask,” she suggests. Clearly, there are multiple pros and cons to freshman year, but that all depends on the way that you look at it.