The Freshman Girls' Soccer Team

Thursday, October 24th, 2019


Freshman Soccer Team
Freshman sports are something new and exciting for students to take on and participate in, making their first year of high school more enjoyable. As the season is nearing its end, I talked to the freshman team about what they liked and disliked most about this year. With a great record of 11 wins, 3 ties and 3 losses, the freshman team is ending this season on a particularly high note.

While asking a few girls what their favorite experience on the team so far was, Michaela Kelly mentioned that “Playing and forming bonds with people that I normally wouldn’t have known or talked to without being a part of this team.'' Clearly, the team builds bonds and friendships that will last throughout high school.

When player Natalia Goldfield was asked what her favorite thing about the team was, she responded with, “Bonding with the team and becoming friends with new people.” Although making friends through soccer is something players might have seen throughout their entire soccer career, everyday practices and multiple games a week is new to many freshmen at CHS.

Caroline Williams commented that “You have to base everything else around soccer and you get more tired on the weekdays, but it’s worth it because you stay and shape and we have grown as players.” The growth and development has made is astonishing and truly amazing to watch. From the beginning of the season to the end, you see a big change in many players. Everyday practices help players learn and grow.

Chatham Soccer wouldn’t be the same without the team bonding aspect. While interviewing Ellie Herr, a player on the freshman soccer team, she gave me insight into what she thought contributed to the team bonding. “Probably the bus rides because they are really fun and the music gets everyone hyped up for the games,” she said.

Leah Riso said, “My best memory is being on the bus with friends and listening to music with the team.” Samantha Pollucci followed up, saying “Probably the bus rides because we have to bond as a team while we are on the bus.'' Overall, it can easily be said that even bus rides with your team can help everyone come together and become even more of a team.

Although the season is coming to an end, it has been a great season and a fun learning experience for most players. This team has formed such a great bond, and everyone is looking forward to next year's season.