French Students Travel to Canada

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

How did you spend your November break? Twenty-one French students spent it traveling to the Canadian province of Quebec and its largest city, Montreal. The students, ranging from French 2 to French 4, were accompanied by Madame Caulfield, Mrs. McCabe, and Mrs. Chapman. A luxury bus took them to and from Canada, as well as to the various sites they visited. Every day was jam-packed with sightseeing and activities like touring museums, visiting churches, ice skating, and going up the Montreal Tower in Olympic Park. One day even included taking a guided tour of a prison from the 1800s, which was a favorite activity for many of the students. Despite the busy schedule of the trip, students were able to relax during lunch and even shop at local stores. For dinner, they were able to eat in elegant restaurants that served traditional French cuisine.

The students that went on this trip had a fun time and enjoyed learning about the French culture. Sophomore Katie Hauck said, “The food was really good and different, and I liked how you could try to use your French.” Since most people in Quebec speak both English and French, it is a good place for students learning French to practice what they have been taught. Hauck continued by saying, “I liked going up in the Olympic Tower and being able to see all of Montreal.” This tower is the tallest tower with an incline in the world, measuring 165 meters at a 45-degree angle.


Because of how successful this trip always is, it is repeated every other year. The trip is open to CHS students in any level of French. In 2018, students will be given this extraordinary opportunity again, so sign up then for an exciting learning experience!