French Club Field Trip

Friday, February 19th, 2016
french club field trip
The language clubs often take multiple field trips throughout the year. Earlier in the year, the French Club went on a trip to Cafe Monet to experience a traditional French lunch. Recently, they went into New York to see the musical, An American in Paris on Broadway. Before the show, students were able to go shopping in Columbus Square and stop to have lunch. After the amazing show, the students were able to meet Brandon Uranowitz. He plays Adam Hochberg, who is friends with the main character, Jerry Mulligan. Everyone took the train in and out of the city, which added to the fun and experience of the trip.

The musical is based off of the original movie and is about an American soldier and a French woman looking for a new life after World War II. The two meet and grow closer each time they are together, but the girl, Lise Dassin, is with another man, the heir to a textile fortune. Following the typical musical theme, each character aspires to be something more, which was also a common trait among those after World War II.