The Fall Play at CHS

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
fall play
When students hear "fall play", they might think of droning Shakespeare monologues or a lack of singing and dancing. This year, however, that is certainly not the case. The Servant of Two Masters, by Carlo Goldoni, is a droll comedy about a crafty servant who makes mischief. His troublemaking ways are motivated by food and his character is sure to make the audience laugh.

The director, Ms. Polan, chose this play to bring a different mood for the play this year. Last year, the play, Radium Girl, was much more serious than the upbeat nature of the play this year. “I have had this play on my radar for a couple of years. I went to see Morristown- Beard do this play, so I decided this could work for our school as well,” Polan explained about why she picked this show. She realized the large size of the cast and the good characters would be perfect for the theater program at CHS. Also, she wanted to challenge her actors with a comedy because it is a harder genre of theater and it stretches their skills.

The audition process was difficult for Ms. Polan, so she brought in some help from Mrs. Lacey and Ms. Spriggs. Ms. Polan states “I try to pick parts based who had the best auditions and who is right for each part.” Billy Arnuk plays the servant in this year’s play. Other lead roles are played by Olivia Konteatis, JC Perrin, Liza Castello, Derek Walsh, and Sarah Thomson.

The play has been coming along really well so far, as the students keep working toward the final production. The shows are on November 22nd and 23rd at 7:30. “Rehearsals have lots of laughs, and because it is lighthearted, it brings enjoyment and is very funny,” Polan said. Everyone in the cast loves the material, which makes the hard work seem less grueling and more entertaining. Ms. Polan gave me an inside scoop into the play. The language of the play is contemporary, but it is a period piece. It takes place in 1750, so the costumes are of older styles. The girls wear poof dresses and the men wear knee breeches. They cast also got come experience in stage fighting, since there is a sword fight scene in the play.

Make sure to come out and support your peers in The Servant of Two Masters. It is sure to make you laugh!